Monday, November 27, 2006

Not-so-Easy (to get through to) Jet

Ever tried to claim for damage to your baggage by an airline? Hard to get through to them on the phone isn't it? And that info sheet they give you- lots of things for you (as opposed to them) to do isn't there? Intimidating isn't it?

One might- if one was being cynical- think that they make it very difficult for you to claim...

Anyway, on to more enjoyable matters. After I'd spent much of Saturday afternoon and evening either dazed, asleep or feeling somewhat lost ('I should be out gigging! I don't know what to do!' etc) we spent most of Sunday recording backing tracks for an album that we're putting together to sell at gigs and on our soon-to-be-unveiled new website. Just the rhythm section today- myself on guitar, John on drums and Squirrel on bass with Pete on guide vocals (i.e. just singing along so that we know where we are in the song; him and Michael will add their parts along with the rest of the band at a later date). A very productive day saw us record 10 backing tracks which is good going by anybody's standards. I was using a Vox AC30 (thanks Joe!) which sounded superb and we all played live at a considerable volume with energy a-plenty and much good humour all round. A cracking day.

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