Friday, March 16, 2007

Blink and you'll miss it

Just got the new-ish Dr. Feelgood album 'Repeat Prescription'; the sleeve proclaims 'new versions of old favourites' which seems a good description as the only song on it that I don't think they've recorded before is Chuck Berry's 'Run Rudolph Run' (which features our very own Ian Gibbons on keyboards). On first listen it sounds like a wise purchase with radical re-arrangements of 'Milk & Alcohol' and 'She Does It Right' being particularly interesting. The band sound great and Steve Walwyn's guitar playing just gets better and better. Terrific stuff, made all the more fascinating for me by the fact that myself and Malcolm have been talking about re-recording some old Price material in the not-too-distant future. Food for thought, as they say.
In the meantime another morning at The Dominion Theatre passed off without too much incident from my point of view although Stu was obliged to wield a soldering iron on more than one occasion. I got to re-string main dep Phil Hilborne's guitar (now there's a name well-known to any guitar magazine readers), a rather ostentatious beast affectionately known as 'the tart's handbag'. I must admit that it is a little, shall we say, orange...
After the by-now traditional visit to the pub across the road and both of us spending our ill-gotten gains in the HMV sale (me on the Feelgoods, Stu on The Talking Heads and Jeff Beck) it was off to the Blink gallery in Poland Street to catch 'Gibson Through The Lens', an exhibition of photographs of Gibson and Epiphone guitars. And very good they are too- I particularly liked the one of The Beatles' guitars backstage at The Tokyo Budokan (amazingly their instruments are so distinctive that you don't need them in the picture to know which group they belong to) and there's a couple of classic Townshend shots that somewhat inevitably caught my eye. Definitely worth a visit.

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