Monday, June 25, 2007

Re:View review

Well, we did it. Despite having the worst sound man I've ever worked with (a arrogant, self-centred little goon who was almost beyond useless and is very lucky to be waking up this morning with his jaw intact) and being, shall we say, a little unrehearsed in places (I didn't know the final running order until I saw it taped to the wall backstage) the 2+ hour 'Re:view' played for one night only at the Beck Theatre in Hayes last night. Highlights were many and varied but speaking personally it'll stick in my mind for a number of reasons, not least the fact that it's the only time I can remember The Price playing to a seated audience. All the girl's sang brilliantly and Big Tel's performance of 'Play That Funky Music' will live on in the minds of all who witnessed it forever. Myself and the boys in the house band (excellently named The Bar-Flys by Simon) were still in one piece by the end of the night and East rose to the occasion in his roll as stage manager (his last words to me as we were leaving were 'lager frenzy tomorrow night Heggarty'. He may have been, to use a modern term, a little 'stressed out'). A splendid evening...
...which I nearly spent locked in the 'Subway' sandwich bar in Uxbridge. I'd nipped back with Shirley (who'd arrived at the show and discovered she'd left something behind) and stopped to get something to eat (obviously!). As I was waiting for my order a gang of likely lads'n'lasses arrived, the girl's suitably under-dressed for the occasion, the boys desperate to impress them. The predictably smoking and swearing session bought an instant response from the staff- they walkie-talkied security, phoned the police and set about securing the front door. Suddenly the boys definitely were boys (as opposed to the men they'd previously thought themselves to be) and left with almost indecent haste; their 'ladies' followed accordingly, leaving only racial abuse in their wake. I saw them all a bit further along the road, bored teenagers with no idea how boring they themselves actually are. Surely we were never like that were we?

Oh God. How old do I sound?!?

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