Monday, July 02, 2007

Brighton (and on... and on...)

I seem to be spending rather a lot of time in Brighton lately- fine by me, it's a good place methinks. The latest journey down was enlivened by a storm of almost biblical proportions followed by blazing sunshine followed by another storm... it's the start of July- anyone who thinks that climate change isn't happening must be either insane or my Dad. Or both.

After a shopping and food expedition in The Laines Shirley and myself arrived at the gig to find Pete in a state of considerable distress- he'd slipped off the stage and twisted his left foot. We're playing at no lesser venue than The Grand Hotel, in The Empress Suite at an event for the Transport and General Workers Union. Things are not going well- in addition to Pete's injury Phil the P.A. man's broken down; he won't be with us in time for the sound check so Mario's on his way with his P.A.. The 2 John's (bass & drums) are set up- I get on with sorting my stuff out and finish just as Michael (vocals) and Martine arrive with young Jacob (I still think Iggy's a nice name) which causes Shirley to go all silly. Fortunately Mario's nearly set up, Ian's (keyboards) arrived with Nadia and we can do some soundchecking at last. The horns are here (Matt on trumpet and Andy on sax) and Tracy (vocals) is on her way- time to go to the pub. Matt knows one around the corner, Shirl and myself arrive in time to catch Johnny Squirrel at the bar...
'That's not right is it?' says Squirrel. I know what he means - the 'barmaid's' got a deeper voice than I have. Later on Squirrel returns from the toilet with the words' you have GOT to see the Gents'... well, there's an offer you don't get everyday so off I go. As you go in the walls are covered in 1/2 inch mirror tiles- they look like one of Little Richard's stage costumes; as you walk further in you realise that there's a mirror ball in the ceiling. The whole place is reminiscent of that George Michael video.

The Regency Tavern, Brighton. Best pub I've visited in ages.

After that the gig could have been rather anti-climatic- but, as corporate events go it's a good one with dancing pretty much from the word go and a suitably energetic performance all round. Pete heroically ignored his injury (I bet it hurts this morning though!), 'Stand By Me' included a burst of 'Every Breath You Take' as well as 'Cupid' and I managed a rather unhinged solo during 'Land of 1,000 Dances'. A fine night- if only I could get that mirror ball out of my head...

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