Friday, March 20, 2009

'Mummy- what does E@50 mean?'

Just thought I'd mention/plug the next 'Acts Less Ordinary' show at The Load of Hay in Uxbridge this coming Sunday which features the mighty T.V. Smith along with a performance of some description by those masters of wit and repartee The Price. In case you don't know, T.V. is in my not-so-humble opinion one of the most underrated song writers in the business- from his chart success with punk heroes The Adverts through to last year's 'In The Arms Of My Enemy' he's always delivered the goods in no uncertain terms. As for The Price-well I'll let you know what we're playing sometime around 6 o'clock on the day as we'll have hopefully had a rehearsal by then...

Come on down- you know you want to!

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