Friday, May 29, 2009

Bombsite boys

Here, in suitably punky red felt pen, is the setlist from my part of last night's gig with T.V. Smith. I don't think I'm being too presumptive when I say that it all went well... actually it went brilliantly, even better than I'd hoped for. T.V. did several songs solo (from memory- 'Ghost Of Westminster', 'Not In My Name', 'Bring The Bull Down', 'No Time To Be 21', 'Bored Teenagers', 'Generation Y' and 'Together Alone') before calling your humble narrator to the stage for a breathless 40 minutes or so of twin acoustic guitar thrashing. Both East and myself agreed that The Bull & Gate was smaller than we remember it (or maybe we've got bigger?!?) but it's still a classic pub gig venue, and speaking personally it was great to play there for the first time in many a long year. They've still got the same people behind the bar! They must have been there over 20 years! If I tell you that my guitar strap and indeed my guitar are still drying out then get an idea of what kind of night it was; I've rambled on in these hallowed pages about T.V.'s songwriting genius before on many occasions but to play these songs with him- well, words (almost) fail me. A classic gig.

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