Friday, June 19, 2009

Time on my hands?

I got in at 1.23 a.m. today.

I'd been to the Load of Hay with East- I had some posters to put up for this Sunday's Acts Less Ordinary gig (Rob Power and Mr. Kite, 2 excellent local acts- come on down!) and we had things to discuss (merchandise for possible upcoming Price gigs taking up much of our evening) and drinks to drink... as I was walking back through Uxbridge I saw a chap that I recognised from... somewhere, the shop I think although I'm not too sure really... anyway, I waved across at him and as he waved back I couldn't help noticing that he had another chap sprawled out on the ground in front of him. After deciding that they hadn't been fighting I walked over to them- the chap on the floor was really drunk. 'He's having a bad time at the moment' said the chap that I recognised from somewhere, 'you couldn't help me could you? I only live around the corner, if we can get him to my place he can sleep it off'. 'Arrghhgroowwurgh' said the chap sprawled out on the ground, which I took to mean 'oh go on, please, I'll be here for ever otherwise'. So, with the words 'I'll give you a hand, 'though I'll have to watch me back' I helped the chap that I recognised from somewhere help the chap sprawled out on the ground to his feet. it then took us about an hour to travel a couple of hundred yards; I never did find their names but by the time I left them I felt as though I'd known them for years. I also wasn't sure which one of them was more drunk... still you have to help people don't you? And it wasn't as though I had a lot to do this morning, or indeed this evening- there are no gigs until next month and I'm not due back working in the shop until Monday week. I've told myself that this is a good thing as I can do all those jobs that I've neglected over the last few months- do my accounts, fill in my tax return, learn the songs for a gig I'm doing in the summer with a Madness tribute band, tidy up- you know, that sort of thing.

Let's hope I'm right- it's exactly 12 hours since I got in and I haven't got much done. At least I'm still working at the theatre with Stuart the guitar repair man...

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