Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Thank you and goodbye'

So - did YOU vote for The Liberal Democrats in the general election because you wanted to keep The Conservative Party out of government? Did you really want to vote for The Labour Party but thought that nice Mr. Clegg seemed like the sort of person that you could trust, and that even though he was another ex - public schoolboy posh bloke like that not-quite-so nice Mr. Cameron he'd definitely back that grumpy old Mr. Brown in a coalition government?

Oh dear!

Don't worry, people like me won't blame people like you for the carnage that awaits society - you can blame yourselves for that - but should a situation like this occur again it might be a good idea to recall the words of the late great Aneurin Bevan -

'We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.'

Good luck everybody - we're going to need it...

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Snaggletooth said...

You have succinctly explained everything that is wrong with British politics there. I think the reason we are in this mess is because, like the pigs and men in Animal Farm, you look from one to the other and they all look the same telegenic, media friendly nonthreatening opinionless nonentities; more scared of a hostile review than telling the electorate what they need to know. We need to get back to a situation where there are fundamental differences between the parties that we can use to choose.
Any chance you could fit being an MP in between the gigging?