Tuesday, March 08, 2011

For what we are about to receive...

The other evening I went to the Load of Hay with East for a few beers (nothing too unusual there) and a tactical discussion (that's what we call it anyway) regarding the upcoming Price gig at said venue. The evening went on a little longer than we were expecting it to, and we ended up having rather more than a 'few' beers (nothing too unusual there either) meaning that the next day dawned rather earlier than I would have liked it to. I managed to get myself together in time to get a lift into Uxbridge from the long-suffering Shirley ('don't breathe on anyone, you still smell of beer') and stumbled into Balcony Shirts to find Scott (he baked the loaf in the above picture, and very nice it was too!) enthusiastically setting up a video camera. 'Here you are' he said as he cheerily handed me a 'Real Man Bake Bread' t-shirt then explained that we were going to shoot some footage for the video to go with the song he'd written and that I'd recorded some guitar for in the shop several Saturdays ago. Around an hour later we'd recorded everything that he needed; we'd also seriously worried several passers-by who'd innocently looked through the shop window during filming, received some free coffee from Scoffs cafe opposite the shop (you can see Geno from the cafe around 2.15 into the film) and sent Dave out into the street dressed as a well-known biblical character. The video is on YouTube now, and if you'd like to see it then click here. It's worth it. No, really, it is. Oh and in case you were wondering, The Price play what is likely to be our last ever show with the (ahem) classic line-up of Malcolm, Huggy, Paul and myself at 8.30 p.m. on Sunday 20th March at The Load of Hay in Uxbridge. It's East's birthday, so it'll be time for a few beers... and Kris Dollmore is there this Sunday (13th) which should be a good night, and they'll no doubt be serving beer there that night too... perhaps I should stick with bread?

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