Monday, September 30, 2013

The boot is on the other foot

A record is always better than a CD isn't it?
So there we were, setting our gear up and getting ready to soundcheck, when a cardboard box with RUTS D.C. written on it in felt tip pen arrived. Was anyone expecting anything? No. We'd better have a look inside it then... ooh, it's a stack of Ruts bootleg albums and an accompanying letter to Segs and Dave that among other things suggests some rather creative accountancy... you can see one of the records and the letter in the above photograph - the album comes in four different vinyl colours (black, white, red and green - pretty punky huh?) and if you'd like one then they're available on the Ruts D.C. merchandise stall while stocks last. And once they're gone, they're gone, unless The Human Punk sends us some more... I must make sure that I get one for myself!

In the meantime we've just played three shows up in Scotland - Friday we were at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, Saturday at The Windsor Hotel in Kirkcaldy and Sunday at The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen. It's been a great few days - the venues were excellent, the audiences were enthusiastic (to say the least!) and the band (with Seamus returning on keyboards alongside Molara, Dave, Segs and myself) all played well. You can't ask for much more than that can you? But since our driver Marc had to get home quickly today we had to make our way to Glasgow Airport after the Aberdeen show (we got there around 4am) then make our way back today - as I sit here typing this I'm almost beyond tired, which is why this posting is so short. I may write a longer piece on the last few days later in the week - if I can remember what happened... in the meantime it's back to basics for your humble narrator this week, as The Upper Cut visit one of their favourite haunts this Friday evening, when we'll be at The Dolphin in Uxbridge from 9pm. It feels as though we haven't played together in ages, so it'll be great to see the lads again. And there's a very exciting just-confirmed-a-few-minutes-ago Ruts D.C. support gig in London on the horizon - but more about that next time.

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