Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How much?!?

Well some things in life are worth waiting for, and from what I've seen of it the upcoming book 'Love In Vain - The Story Of The Ruts and Ruts D.C.' by Roland Link will definitely be one of them. It's been a while in the making but it's now due out this Spring, and to this end a PledgeMusic campaign has been launched to help fund it's independent release. All sorts of things are on offer (potentially including a guitar lesson with me! Oo-er!) so if you'd like to get involved then head over to the Ruts D.C. section of PledgeMusic here and see what you can see, and get Segs's thoughts on this subject and more here. Give generously my friends - you know you want to!

In the meantime this has been the first gig-free week for your humble narrator for quite a while, and I've spent what feels like far too much of it trying to put my accounts in order. This roughly translates to 'emptying out the contents of the carrier bag full of receipts and bank statements then attempting to make them all make sense'. I fear there's still a bit of work to do (not least writing the damn stuff up!) but I'm a lot closer to it all getting done than I was this time last week. One day I'll do this stuff as I'm going along throughout the year rather than every so often in this rather inefficient manner. Probably. Still with no gigs of my own I've had chance to catch a couple of excellent live shows, beginning with Who tribute band Who's Who at Tropic At Ruislip on Friday evening. A near-capacity audience - always a good thing to see don't you think? - saw a set that included relatively obscure tracks like 'Water' alongside the expected hits, and everyone there seemed to enjoy the band's efforts. The next night I returned to The 100 Club (I feel as though I've spent half of my life there recently - mind you, I guess that I have!) to see Eddie And The Hot Rods supported by The Guitar Gangsters. I remember the latter band from back in the late 1980s when I think The Price played with them although I can't for the life of me remember where. (Maybe at a weekend festival at The Sir George Robey in Finsbury Park, but maybe not. I really should have written all that stuff down you know...) Their agreeably noisy set warmed the audience up for Barrie and the boys who gave a suitably thunderous performance to the enthusiastic approval of all concerned. And it was good to catch up with guitarist Richard Holgarth and dep bass player Adam Smith (he also plays with The Newtown Neurotics who'll be appearing at The 100 Club on February 6th; The Price used to play with them in the 1980s too) after the show, both of whom are involved in running The Square in Harlow and both of whom were interested in The Price and indeed Ruts D.C. appearing at said venue sometime this year. This year it's (gulp!) 30 years since the first Price gig, and it would be great to mark that (ahem!) momentous occasion by returning to one of our favourite ever venues - so let's hope that we do!

And last night The London Sewage Company rehearsed in anticipation of a gig this weekend at the 'new' 12 Bar Club - following the sad demise of the Denmark Street venue no time has been wasted in securing new premises at Phibbers in Holloway, and it's there that we'll be supporting the legends that are King Kurt this coming Saturday 24th January. It should be a great night - I wonder if King Kurt still behave in the unhinged manner that they used to back in the day? Hmmm... an interesting evening is in prospect...  

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Snagglettoth said...

So I've pledged for the book and live CD, I figured the music lesson or potential gig in my lounge might prove logistically difficult!