Friday, May 20, 2016

'Psychic Attack' by Ruts D.C. is released today!

"Great. The Ruts are back in black - with hats. Love the tunnels… great acting, great sound, true to what so many of my old muckers are feeling these days… longtime fan Pete Townshend."

Yes, Pete Townshend. That Pete Townshend. You know, the one out of The Who. That Pete Townshend. 

What's he talking about? I'm glad you've asked… he's talking about the promotional video for the new Ruts D.C. single 'Psychic Attack'. No, really, he is. Even I couldn't make that up, and I can make some pretty weird things up. But I didn't make it up, not least because I didn't have to. The video was premiered Monday night on the Vive Le Rock and Rebellion Festival websites and you can watch it here if you like - Graham Trott did a fantastic job didn't he? 

And today the single is released on the band's own Sosumi Records in association with Westworld Recordings - I could be prouder, but not much, and I don't give myself much credit for what I do. Louder Than War have given it a great review (thanks Ged!) and tonight I'm off to see The Damned play their 40th anniversary show at The Albert Hall, which seems oddly appropriate given their connection with The Ruts over the years. What better way to celebrate? It should be quite a night, and if you're going then I'll see you there. Excellent!

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