Friday, January 19, 2007

Chairman of the bored

I'm listening to Iggy Pop at the moment- always a good move I find. It seems pretty appropriate. No gigs. No fun. I'm bored. Bored bored bored.

Mind you, I shouldn't be. And I'm not really. Quite a lot's been happening- just nothing that involved me being on a stage with a guitar in my hand. Which reminds me, I nearly bought a new one this week (A guitar that is. Not a stage. That would just be weird. Or a hand. That would just be weirder. Although, as we'll discover, it might have been, if you pardon the expression, handy). A Fender Baja Telecaster came into the shop- blonde finish, black scratchplate, maple neck, and with extra pick-up switching options that I won't bore you with here. Stuart the guitar repair man took one look at it and just said 'that'll do you' without any hesitation. I should have bought it straight away. So, obviously, I didn't. And, so, obviously, someone else did. Straight away. Without any hesitation.

I knew it was a good one.

Then again, I can never quite make my mind up about maple necks. And there was something about it that I just wasn't quite sure about. Probably the maple neck. Ah well. I'm sure we'll get another one.
Shop-wise it's been a busy week, not least yesterday when myself and Karn the manager re-arranged pretty much the entire front section of the shop to accommodate some new guitar lines- scarily pointy Jackson and cool-as-you-like Gretsch. I also managed to cut my hand whilst unpacking 2 pallet loads of Fender's which arrived during the height of yesterday morning's storms- not a big cut, but lots of blood, made worse by the rain. Oh and I walked into a tree on the way home and cut my head. I'm sure the branches didn't used to be that low. Or maybe the wind caught it. Or maybe I've got taller. Or both. Mind you, that's the least of my problems...

Did I mention that I've had a tooth out? Even though it's no longer rotting away in my head it's still causing trouble (well, to be pedantic, it's now the gap where it used to be that's causing the trouble, but you know what I mean). Yes, you've guessed it, I picked up an infection- probably caused by going down the pub with East the night after I had the damn thing removed. And it's been agony- almost beyond pain, like the entire left side of my head was coming off. Or how you'd imagine that would feel anyway. Or something. In the end I went back to the dentist for some more ritual humiliation ('you just can't keep away, can you?') and some anti-biotics. It's getting better now. Hopefully.

No gigs this weekend either. This Saturday I'm in the shop, Sunday we're off down to Essex for Blues Brother Michael's son's Christening. They're calling him Jacob but I still think Iggy is a nice name. Don't you?

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