Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blues for the blues?

Ever seen The Hamsters? They're good aren't they? Great players. Reliable. Consistant. Hard working. A good band don't you think?
I saw them at The Half Moon in Putney last night. They were good. They normally are. They played some Jimi Hendrix, some ZZ Top, bluesy rock stuff, rockabilly and country-type songs; they finished with 'Sharp Dressed Man' with the guitars that light up and the bit where they walk through the audience playing then all swap their instruments over. You know the bit. So do they. It's good isn't it? It normally is.
I really should love The Hamsters, but I don't. I like them. Sometimes I really like them, sometimes they're really good and when they are I always think to myself something along the lines of 'I really like The Hamsters, they're really good'. But I never find myself thinking 'I really love The Hamsters, they're really great'. I nearly do, but not quite. Weird isn't it?- mostly because I can never quite work out what it is about them that stops me from loving them, or at least liking them even more than I do. Slim's a fine guitarist and an excellent singer; Zsa Zsa and Otis are as tight a rhythm section as you'll ever find anywhere, and they've got silly names too which is even better if you think about it. It's all good isn't it? And I went with my mate Dave Bateman who's mates with them so I met 'em and they all seem like really nice chaps which is good too. They played 'Isabella' and 'Stone Free', Hendrix classics overlooked by most bands claiming to be Jimi tributes and they played versions of 'Treat a Dog' and 'Wanna make love to you' that are as good as any that I've ever heard. And- maybe most importantly of all from my point of view- they've kept gigging when so many others have given up playing and taken up moaning instead.
So maybe The Hamsters are great after all- because it was a great show full of great songs brilliantly performed to an audience that all went home happy. And maybe I shouldn't mention the fact that the most memorable moment of my evening was seeing 'The Marc Bolan Tree' for the first time.

But I have mentioned it. Because it was.

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