Monday, April 23, 2007

Rehearsal rehearsals

Yesterday, that rarest of things- a rehearsal. Strange- I don't seem to do many these days, it's more a case of 'turn up and play' with any new stuff already learned prior to the gig and (maybe) a quick run through at the soundcheck. But there's a few in prospect over the next few weeks, leading up to a show at the Beck Theatre in Hayes on Sunday 24th June in aid of various local charities. The gig's being masterminded by Terry Sharp (a.k.a. Big Tel) who can be spotted on the Price website in photos from last year's West Drayton gig (that's him behind the mixing desk). More details as and when I have them but it should be a good one... so it was then that myself and ace drummer man Dave Bateman found ourselves in Price bass man Andy C.'s new studio (East- 'he's got too much money that boy') running through a selection of songs that could politely be described as 'eclectic'- everything from Slade to Lonnie Donegan and back again, via Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley among others. I got to play my new Zemaitis-alike which I'm still getting used to but which felt as great as I hoped it would, and general jollity prevailed. An excellent day with more to come- like I say, it should be a good gig.

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