Friday, April 27, 2007

The weekend starts here!

Back to the theatre yesterday with Stu- I'd missed the previous week as Shirley and myself had a few days away down in Dorset. A busy morning seemed to drag on and on with Stu checking the 'prop' guitars that are used on stage during the show which, although there's not much left on them that works (they've been, for want of a better word, 'cannibalised' whenever a spare part's been needed!) still get their string's changed every so often (as Stu put it, 'they need to look as though they're being played'). Still we were all done in time to meet Stu's mate Brian in the pub opposite, followed by an all-out assault on the never-ending HMV sale. Even I managed to buy something this time- the re-issue of 'Marquee Moon' by Television since you ask- and Stu picked up a Hendrix box set for next to nothing which can't be bad.

Tonight I've got a gig with Austin in his duo Liquid over in Wimbledon so I've got to spend this afternoon revising rather a lot of songs (I've not played with him for ages and we do 3 40+ minute sets). Tomorrow night it's a short notice gig depping with The Pistols up in St. Neots and Sunday evening Glen Matlock's back at Ruislip Golf Club for an acoustic show; and it's the guitar show over in Docklands which I might try to get over to on Sunday- a busy weekend in prospect. Actually that's a bit weird isn't it? Pistols tribute one night, a real Pistol the next. Hmm... is that life imitating art, or the other way round?

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