Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok- where do I sign?

Leigh's mad world of guitars just got madder- I've just got off the phone from my new friend Russell who works in the marketing dept at Fender; he tells me that as of now (that's NOW!) I'm an officially endorsed Fender artist! Hurrah!

It's funny- I don't feel any different...

So- what does this all mean? Parties with Clapton and co. somewhere in the South of France? A house full of free guitars? An entire wardrobe of Fender t-shirts? Er, no... it means that I'm allowed to put something like 'Leigh uses Fender guitars and amplifiers' under my picture on our website and in our theatre brochure (although I must use the Fender logo, and follow it with one of those little 'R-in-a-circle' symbols as it's a registered trademark. That's it at the top of this posting, he sent me it as an e-mail attachment- I can't work out how to make it any smaller!) and, well, that's about it really. No freebies (I didn't want any, honest! And anyway, 'Clapton pays for his too' according to Russell) 'though I can get some things at a discount, which is pretty good if you think about it- and it'll be a good laugh telling certain people that I'm an 'officially endorsed Fender artist'. Watch their noses jump out of joint!

Hmm... maybe some things are better left to the imagination. No wonder I don't feel any different!
-I'm not on there yet but don't worry, I'll let you know the moment that I am!

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