Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The great gig in the sky

It's sad to hear that Pink Floyd's keyboard player Richard Wright has died. As I recounted back in April they play a suitably odd part in my little story (see 'A death in the family' for reasons why) and even though I myself don't listen to their music very often it's pretty obvious even to me that he was an exceptional musician in an extremely successful and influential band. Whenever someone such as this leaves us I always think about how much various musicians mean to me even though I've never met them; someone who's had the career he's had will leave behind a lot of grieving people, and that's something to reflect on regardless of your opinion of their music which, for the record, sounds a lot better to me these days than it ever used to. Perhaps that means I'm getting old- or maybe I'm just catching up with everyone else at last?


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