Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'It's a CD. You put it in a CD player and press play...'

Just got in from the Hayes FM interview, and good fun it was too. As I mentioned in my post last week it had been ages since I last did something like this, and I'd forgotten how quickly it goes by- it felt as though I was on for about 30 seconds 'though I think it was probably nearer to 5 minutes. I took along a copy of our CD for them to play; the first thing Jill (of 'Phil and Jill' fame- disappointingly there was no sign of Phil) said was something like 'ooh, no one's ever bought anything along before, can someone show me what to do now?' Hmm... still, as 'China in Your Hand' by T'Pau faded out I was suddenly on the air-

'So then Leigh, tell me all about the show'

It's at moments like these that I realise how hard it is to describe what we do in a few words; either that or you I don't actually know anything about the show... still we managed to get most of the relevant points covered, and the interview ended with Jill asking me to tell the listeners where and when we were playing.

I answered triumphantly- 'The Chicago Blues Brothers are playing at The Beck Theatre in Hayes on Friday 26th September'- then sat back from the microphone, no doubt looking all too pleased with myself.

'Ok, and what's the address and phone number of that, and how can people get tickets?'

It seems like our show wasn't the only thing that I didn't know anything about... still, at least I got through it without swearing! Oh and she thought I owned a record shop in Pinner- even down the world's worst phone line that doesn't sound even slightly like 'works in a musical instrument shop in Ickenham' does it? - for tickets and, yes, their address and phone number!

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