Thursday, April 22, 2010

Practice makes perfect?

Show number three was witnessed by a full Balcony Shirts contingent, ex- Price manager Eddie Richards (that's him on drums in this clip!) and... well, not many other people really... actually that's not really true, it just wasn't as busy as the first two nights. Those that were there saw Pete depping for Matt in the role of Jake, an experimental version of 'Minnie The Moocher' (we tried it faster than usual, more like the version in the film - it didn't work!) and your humble narrator play a horrendously out-of-tune note in 'Stand By Your Man' amid much merriment from various band members; I'd just recovered from that when I made another mistake during the introduction of 'Do You Love Me?', this one even more noticeable as the intro is just guitar and vocals. It's strange - once you've done one you're almost allowed to do another one, or in my case another two as I then got the riff wrong in 'Jailhouse Rock'...

Two shows today - twice as many chances to make a mess of things!

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