Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday's gone

A smaller crowd for our second night, but a boisterous evening never-the-less, not least thanks to a birthday being celebrated in the front row of the circle - pity they were pretty much the only people up there! With Dave away for the next three shows Adam replaced him on trumpet, and we dropped 'Looking For A Fox' which will replaced, possibly tonight, by... well, another song, to be decided, possibly tonight. It's great to be back in showbusiness!!

Actually - it really is great to be playing these shows; in my not-so-humble opinion we've got a show that works really well, although like so my acts there's not been much work around for us lately. I for one really hope it picks up, and not just because it allows me to earn a living - as soon as a gig finishes all I want to do is play another one, if you know what I mean. Good job we're doing it all again tonight then!

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