Tuesday, April 12, 2011

100 punks rule

No gigs for your humble narrator last weekend - bah! - but there's a potential classic coming up this Saturday, at The 100 Club with the mighty T.V. Smith. It's the first time I've ever gigged at the 100 Club - I've always wanted to play there, and what better night to be part of as The Sex Pistols Experience are headlining with Johnny Thunders tribute band L.A.M.F. UK and original punksters Shag Nasty also on the bill. It'll be my first gig of 2011 with T.V. Smith and I've just - just! - got back from rehearsing with him; we'll be playing several songs from his excellent new album 'Coming In To Land' alongside earlier solo songs and a few Adverts classics. It should be a great night, so come on down...

Talking of The Adverts an amazing bit of footage from Sussex University near Brighton back in 1977 has surfaced on YouTube - click here to see the band in all their glory roaring through 'New Church' and 'Bored Teenagers'. Great stuff - and here are The Damned, here are The Slits and here, here and here are The Clash at the same venue - how much more of this astonishing footage is hidden away somewhere? I said in the last posting that life is all questions sometime, but that is one question that I for one would love to get an answer to!

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Matty said...

I wouldn't normally swear on a public forum but I have to say....Fucking Hell Mate, that sounds like heaven!! Sometimes you wonder why do we bother then I read something like that and I remember exactly why! Wish I could have been there Leigh although I would have been on of the lads at the front chucking ale!! x