Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eric Clapton spelt my name wrong!

My brother has been working at Shepperton Studios, which as you may know was once owned by The Who and features several sound stages where successful (i.e. those that can afford it) bands rehearse for upcoming gigs and tours. Terry held the door open for a young up and coming Surrey guitarist from one such band the other day; he (maybe that should be He?) was kind enough to sign an old call sheet which Terry had handy. I'm going to the Royal Albert Hall next month to see said guitarist - I'm sure it'll be a good night, I believe he's played there quite a few times before...

Talking of good nights, this Friday sees an event that's well worth supporting, a club night at the somewhat unlikely venue of The Gardeners Arms in Uxbridge - as the poster says, ACE! promises '60's soul ska and beat which is more than enough to tempt your humble narrator through the door. I remember D.J.'s Simon and Darren when they were lads back in the '90's, they've just started the excellent What's On In Uxbridge website which means that at last there is somewhere for bands and venues to tell people that there's something happening locally. Let's hope both the club and the website are successful for them.

Meanwhile the latest Balcony Shirts song has been unleashed onto You Tube - Chris and Scott are both lifelong fans of Queens Park Rangers, and from early on this season decided that if Rangers were promoted to the Premier League they would write a song that included the name of every member of the current first team squad. They've done a fine job, as you can discover if you click here - I'm on lead guitar, which Scott invited me to contribute with the words 'play like Neil Young'. I'm not sure I managed it, although he has since compared my contribution to 'Motorcycle Emptiness' by The Manic Street Preachers. This is high praise in my world (I wouldn't have been telling you that he'd said it if it wasn't!) and I'm not sure that I managed that either, but see what you think. There are also some suitably euphoric t-shirts available that come with a free CD of the song, and the song itself is now available on iTunes. Pretty cool huh?
Chris went to the last game of the season where he met fellow season ticket holder Mick Jones; apparently they play 'London Calling' when he takes his seat at home games. Excellent! Hmm... I wonder if I can get them to play a Price single next time I'm at a Liverpool game?!?

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