Monday, September 29, 2014

Euroman cometh home

Well, we did it. Nine gigs in nine days (with nein days off!) organised for us by The Muttis Booking Agency in Germany, Poland and Austria followed by a show with The Cockney Rejects at The Dogtown Streetpunk Weekend Festival in Oslo on Saturday. Highlights were many and varied, and since I wrote (well, scribbled some semi-readable notes as we were going over various bumpy roads) what feels like thousands of words while we were on our travels the full story will hopefully appear in these hallowed pages at some point in the not-too-distant-future. In the meantime Dave and Segs posted daily diary entries on the band's website and Facebook page, and I even managed to put a few bits and pieces on my Facebook page too. It really was a great tour - many thanks to Mutti and Katya for their never-ending help, to Vom who put us up after our Dusseldorf gig (we spent much of the night in his subterranean bar!) and to The Tips who played at the afore-mentioned Dusseldorf show (we did 4 shows with them last year, and it was great to catch up with them again) and who very kindly gave me a copy of their excellent new album 'Trippin'' and the t-shirt that I'm wearing as I type this. Great stuff all round.

Now it's back to Blighty and back to basics, with an Upper Cut gig at The Dolphin in Uxbridge on Friday, while Ruts D.C. play POLYFEST II at The Half Moon in Putney on Sunday. In between those two it's the 7th annual Paul Fox Social Club night at Wealdstone Football Club on Saturday night, and on Wednesday I'm hoping to be at The 12 Bar Club for The Fallen Leaves - as I say, it's back to Blighty and back to basics... but before I go here is a clip of Ruts D.C. in Torun a week ago - enjoy!

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