Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Euroman cometh

Well it's been a very - make that very - busy few days in Leigh's Mad World Of guitars, to such an extent that between gigging and working in Balcony Shirts I've not really had the time to write a 'proper' blog posting; this means that the full stories of shows by Ruts D.C. in Birmingham, (excellent support from Evil Blizzard and The Black Bombers, my borrowed guitar amp failing just as we were about to go on stage after I got mini-electric shocks from the vocal microphone during the soundcheck) The Upper Cut in Twickenham (cheery drunk girls making the evening all the more worthwhile by outnumbering the cheery drunk boys) and Big Al Reed and The Blistering Buicks in Sunningdale and Colnbrook (two more good gigs - and Al's already got more than 10 booked for next year!) along with the FFRUK night in Archway (which included a fine set from The Homosexuals) will go largely untold. Ah well.... still it's about to get even busier, as Ruts D.C. start a 10-gigs-in-10-days run of shows in Europe on Thursday. We'll be visiting Germany, Poland and Austria before finishing at The Dogtown Streetpunk Weekend in Oslo with The Cockney Rejects on Saturday 27th September. Full details can be found on the Muttis Booking Agency website - excellent!

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