Sunday, January 31, 2016

Halfway to paradise

Right - I'm bored now. I've had enough of 'normal' weeks... 

On Friday evening Dave Ruffy played with Louise Aubrie at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town. I'd met her briefly when he was recording with her at the famed and fabulous Abbey Road Studios last year - fronting a group that aside from Dave consisted of members of Adam Ant's touring band she delivered a tight set of original material in front of a very appreciative audience. I certainly enjoyed the show, although I was left thinking that perhaps there was - for want of a better term - no 'killer song' in the repertoire. All well played and sung, plenty of energy, looking good - but no knockout punch. Then again this is commercial pop music - or if it's not then it should be - so since when did a middle aged man's opinion matter? As I say a good show - and it was great to catch up with six string superman Tom Edwards again for the first time in a while. And he really say that he was going to have a word with Schecter Guitars about getting me an endorsement deal with them?!?

Last night Big Al Reed and The Blistering Buicks returned to The Halfway House in Barnes for a boisterous performance that featured everything from a collapsing keyboard stand to a cheery chap buying the band a round of drinks then presenting us with a bottle of red wine during our second set. Bill depped on bass (he used to be in The Glitter Band! Really!) and Al rode the wave of his recent television performance for all that it was worth. Oh and I spoke to Doogy who I'd met there a couple of times but who this time revealed that he used to be in a band called The Press who played with The Ruts at The Music Machine back in the day. A most enjoyable evening.

Aside from the above it's been a quiet few days - very welcome in many ways - but after tomorrow in Balcony Shirts the word 'normal' ceases to apply (thank gawd!) as it's time to return to the Ruts D.C. fold to resume work on the upcoming 'Psychic Attack' album. On Wednesday I've got a day with producer James Knight recording guitar parts and then on Thursday and Friday we are all in writing and rehearsal mode - there are songs to finish, brand new material to consider (Segs has not been idle and neither have I!) and the following week's sessions in Perry Vale Studios with Pat Collier to prepare for. 'Tea break over, back on your heads' as the old gag goes. Excellent!

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