Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank holiday? (take 1)

At last myself and East get this drinking business right and manage an evening in a pub without something daft happening- as this morning's headache will testify. Still it's a day off so who cares?
Well, actually, I do. I find it strangely difficult to have a 'day off' these days. These are busy times- the shop's going well (really busy this week especially on Saturday), the theatre work with Stu is oddly enjoyable (I never thought changing guitar strings could be such, for want of a better word, 'fun') and the gigs have been good too. A day off seems not only deserved but necessary- so why not have one? It's nothing to feel guilty about is it?
On the other hand... my yearly 'big envelope from the tax office' (if you're self-employed then you'll know the one that I mean) has arrived and I don't think I've so much as looked at my books this year. Big Tel's Big Gig is getting closer and closer- 7 weeks away as of yesterday and still lots to do. And The Price have got gigs to rehearse for- must get on the phone later and see when everybody's available. There's some other things to do as well 'though I can't quite recall them just at the moment.

Perhaps I do need a day off!

Still, I met up with Big Tel and two of the girls who are singing at the Big Gig yesterday to run through the songs that they'd like to do, sort out the key's that they sing them in etc. They're both very good- Jo seemed to me to have a voice that's just waiting to go into musical theatre whilst Chloe's more of a rocker. Some interesting song choices too- never thought I'd end up playing a Queen song... I wonder if I could borrow a guitar from the theatre? Now there's a thought.

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