Friday, May 18, 2007

Complaints complaints, decisions decisions...

I've had a complaint from a Mr. E. Holt of Uxbridge who, upon reading my ramblings on Monday night's Dominion extravaganza, declared that I'd been 'far too nice'- no doubt because he's used to my opinion on Queen being rather more, shall we say, forthright. In my defence your honour I'd just like to say that I'm not as young as I used to be, and that it was a really good show, and Brian May is a really good guitarist (even though, as you may have gathered, I don't like Queen) and, maybe most importantly of all, I'D REALLY LIKE TO KEEP MY JOB.

Thank you.

Yesterday's re-stringing session at the theatre went well though it was strange to contrast the empty, really rather eerie auditorium with the scenes of mayhem that had taken place there only a couple of nights earlier. Still we were in the pub in time for lunch (always a good sign) then it was off to meet Big Tel at The Beck Theatre in Hayes to check things out for our upcoming show there. I've never played there before 'though The Price did play there as part of the Hayes Carnival in 1986- the band's played on the island in the middle of the lake and at the end of our set Malcolm jumped in. Sadly it was only a couple of inches deep; I've got it on video somewhere- by the look on his face he'd have prefered it to have been deeper...

In the meantime I've been forced to pay a visit to the real world- something I normally avoid at all costs but in this case it a necessary evil. As I'm pretty much full time at the shop these days I've had to tell Pete that I can't make some of our gigs- principally the ones that involve me staying away and therefore mean that I can't open the shop in the morning. The situation shouldn't be permanent as we're looking for someone else to co-manage the shop with me but turning gigs down has given me no pleasure at all. As I sit in the shop typing this the lads are on their way to Dundee for 2 shows- I could have been with them but decided to be here instead. I never thought I'd ever choose anything over playing- but I also think that I'm lucky to have the work in the shop. But I feel like I've let the band down. Badly.

I think the term 'mixed emotions' applies.

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