Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is it that time already?

As some of you may or may not know I was once in a band called The Price- and, since we don't all hate each other anymore, I sometimes still am. Next month sees two very different shows for us- we're playing at 'Glastonwick' (an annual festival organised by Attila the Stockbroker) on the 17th and at Big Tel's show at The Beck Theatre in Hayes on the 24th, a busy night for Andy C. and myself since we'll be on stage for most of the evening. Suddenly the first of these shows is only 3 weeks away and, since we haven't played together since last summer, it was down to Brighton last night for a very enjoyable if rather frantic 3 hours at the Brighton Electric rehearsal studio. Paul and Malcolm met me, Andy and East there (the latter as always there as referee) and, after massed amusement at the fact that we'd got the room with the stage in it, we got down to seeing what we could remember- which, for the first few songs that we tried turned out to be not very much at all. Thankfully it all came alive during 'Jodie' (to paraphrase East-'it was touch and go there for a while- but they're back') and I for one can't wait for the gigs. If only I didn't look quite so bald in the photographs- oh well they're probably on our website by now, along with all the details of the gigs and no doubt some pearls of wisdom from East himself. You have been warned...

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