Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear boy

Keith Moon died 29 years ago today. I never saw him play but I've probably listened to his playing more than that of any other drummer with the possible exception of Ringo Starr, on the grounds that The Beatles are the only band that I might have listened to more than The Who. In the shop today I've played The Who non-stop on the dvd player- incredibly I'd almost forgotten just how much I like them, and how much their music means to me. A couple of people have come in off the street to stand in front of the screen smiling, shaking their head in disbelief as the camera caught Moon rampaging around his kit as the music reached another impossible crescendo; customers have stopped mid-sentence to tell me how many Who tracks they've got on their I-Pod, or that they saw The Who in nineteen sixty or seventy-something and that it was the best show they ever saw, or that they'll never forget the night that they were in a pub and Moon came in and wreaked havoc...

Maybe it is better to burn out than to f-f-fade away. Cheers Moonie.

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rockawaybitch! said...

...apparently The Who once played in what used to be The Red Lion in Leytonstone - now unfortunatly Zulus SA Theme pub!!!! This fact (about The Who not Zulus!!) comes from The Postcode Book Of Rock in which suprisingly E11 does not figure very much!! Bizzarely this fact is accompanied by a caption which reads The Who (not pictued!!)

..also I guess this was an early years gig in their very non-famous days which actually was a probably a huge venture for them as everyone knows The Who live in Leeds!!!!