Tuesday, September 04, 2007

'Tea break over- back on yer 'eads!'

Tuesday morning and I'm back in the shop- the first time for just over 2 weeks. My back's still not 100% as was shown yesterday when I decided to help a delivery man with a bed (yes, I know...) and ended up being late for a Barflies rehearsal after taking some leftover painkillers and sleeping through Andy and Dave's calls; I'd forgotten how powerful they are (the painkillers that is, not Andy and Dave). Despite this we still managed to get a couple of new songs started so at least my antics didn't totally ruin things for us.

I opened the shop at 10a.m. to find a worried looking Simon outside. He's done a heroic job in the shop for the last 2 weeks while I've been indisposed but had been awake all last night worrying that the till totals hadn't balanced (he'd not mentioned this at all during rehearsal). In the event it was easily sorted out and I must admit it was good to have him there as I found the first couple of hours quite hard- it's amazing what you forget isn't it? That's another drink I owe him.

Talking of drinking East has delivered a dvd of the BB's Windsor show in record time; it's the first time I've had a whole show of ours to watch which should be interesting viewing to say the least as I think it was a really good show- let's hope I was right...

In the meantime there's a tube strike which means I'll be in the shop tomorrow and Thursday, with myself and Stuart's 'We Will Rock you' guitar maintenance moved to Friday after which Shirley and myself are off to see T.Rextasy in Chesham- John's just started drumming for them so it should be a really good night. Saturday the BB's are playing at Odstock Manor (wherever that is) and Sunday... is a day off. I have a feeling I'll need one by then. Back to work eh?

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