Friday, September 28, 2007

There go the wages!

I've just filled in my tax return. I'm going to owe them several thousand pounds.

Maybe I shouldn't have bought all those Sex Pistols tickets- but I don't think they'll play again so we've got to make the most of these gigs methinks, and anyway it's the SEX PISTOLS, and we'll forgive them anything just to hear them play those songs again, and, admit it, we're all wondering just how big Steve Jones is these days aren't we?

And maybe I shouldn't have bought a new guitar- but a Baja Telecaster arrived in the shop towards the end of last week and they're really hard to get over here at the moment and it looks great and plays greater and isn't too heavy unlike the last one we had and my old Tele's starting to look a bit worse for wear; then again I was never a fan of maple necks, (although this one feels fine) and I don't actually need it at the moment, (of course I do!) and anyway, it's all tax deductible isn't it?

And maybe I shouldn't have bought myself an Apple MacBook computer- but I need (need!) something to record music on and by the time you've spent out on a multi-track recorder you could have bought a computer which is useful in other ways as well, and thanks to Andy C.'s expertise (see you for a coffee in 'Frank's' on Thursday morning mate!) I got a good deal on a great machine... which I haven't got a clue how to work; at the moment it's not much more than a really expensive clock which might or might not let me copy cd's and dvd's if I ask it nicely. And it's doesn't have any instructions with it because, as more than one person has said to me since I bought it, Mac's are really 'intuitive' to use.

Oh well- it's only money as they say, and anyway, the tax people won't want any from me for a while... hopefully....

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