Friday, February 12, 2010

'It Might Get Loud' and other distractions

I'm still ill - I've actually had a day off sick today (apologies to the Balcony boys, I'll be back in tomorrow... hopefully...) which is a thankfully rare occurrence in mad-guitar land, and I've decided against going to Tropic at Ruislip tonight (The Hamsters are on and it would have been good to give out some leaflets for our gig there on Sunday; then again it would be better to be well for our gig there on Sunday don't you think?) which is an indication of how rough I'm feeling. This can only mean one thing - I've got the dreaded ManFlu. Bah!

In an attempt to take my mind of the terrible suffering that I'm currently enduring I watched 'It Might Get Loud' this morning - well, 'watched' might be a bit optimistic, 'had-on-in-the-background-as-I-drifted-in-and-out-of-consciousness' might be a better description. I bought the DVD a couple of weeks ago and finally got chance to watch it (maybe this ManFlu thing isn't all bad?!?) and very good it was too - I suppose it helps that I'm a fan of all 3 featured players but it's still an interesting idea for a film and one that works really well. Jack White is splendidly eccentric, The Edge wonderfully, er, edgy and Jimmy Page is the true elder statesman of rock guitar. There are a few (presumably deliberate) moments of controversy - White bemoaning the over use of guitar effects (he's obviously never heard U2!) and The Edge criticising long guitar solos (no Led Zeppelin live recordings in his collection then!) among them - but what really came over to me was their obvious love for what they do and the instrument they use. (Jimmy Page playing air guitar to 'Rumble' is absolutely priceless - if you don't believe me click here!) All in all an excellent film which I really must watch again when I'm feeling better...

Aside from that I've slept for a couple of hours, listened to 'Our Favourite Shop' by The Style Council (I picked it up cheap the other day, easily their best album don't you think?) and 'Down By The Jetty' by Dr. Feelgood (can't have too much of The Feelgoods at the moment) whilst attempting some tidying up (not over-successfully but, hey, I'm ill!) and have 'Live At Leeds' by The Who playing in the background (the best live album ever?!?) as I type this; it actually sounds like quite a good day doesn't it? If only I wasn't feeling so bloody awful... oh, did I mention that I've got ManFlu? It's bloomin' 'orrible, you get a headache, runny nose, you ache all over... (continued on page 94)

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