Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oil City Confidential revisited

I have just - just! - got in from a fine and indeed unique evening (thanks to Fast Tony for the lift home in his cab - top man!) at Koko in Camden Town where a showing of Julien Temple's excellent Dr. Feelgood documentary 'Oil City Confidential' was followed by a live performance from the hero that is Wilko Johnson. Fantastic!

Following an introduction from Keith Allen (am I the only person who thought he didn't know anything about Dr. Feelgood? If he didn't, what was he doing there?!?) Julien Temple came on and explained how the evening was going to work (the film, then Wilko live - simple enough where we were but technically tricky as it was being relayed live to cinemas around the country) before making way for the film. I saw it at The I.C.A. last year and enjoyed it then but somehow it seemed even better this time around, tighter and quicker moving - maybe it had been re-edited? There was something rather odd about watching a film whilst standing up with a drink in your hand 'though it worked well in the venue (it'll always be The Camden Palace to me!) and the sheer charisma of Lee Brilleaux came through every time he appeared on screen.

After a short interval it was Wilko time - with the mighty Norman Watt-Roy on bass and new-ish recruit Dylan Howe on drums he opened with 'You Shouldn't Call The Doctor (if you can't afford the bills)' and 'Sneakin' Suspicion' before introducing Alison Moyet (who sang several Feelgood and Feelgood related numbers, often in a somewhat higher key than the originals!) and Charles Shaar Murray who played a workman-like harmonica along with long-time Wilko-collaborator Slim on accordion. It was a little weird to see the great man on a Stratocaster rather than his trademark Telecaster (I wonder if that's the one he used with Ian Dury and The Blockheads when I saw them at The Lyceum all those years ago?) but he sounded great and looked a little overcome by the occasion by the end. Temple ended the night by calling him a 'national treasure' so expect any number of celebrity 'fans' to come out of the woodwork over the next few weeks and months proclaiming him to be God on two feet and saying how much they've always liked him, how he changed their life etc. You just know that they will don't you?

And if you fancy seeing your humble narrator attempting to find his way around his riffs then why not come to The Tropic Of Ruislip club on Sunday 14th February - Valentines Day! - where The Flying Squad will be playing with Chicken Legs Weaver. Excellent!


Johnny Alpha said...

talking of the tropic of ruislip!!! nik turners hawkwind are playing there tonight if u fancy it leigh???


i hear the price are playing at the load of hay soon is that true? was talking to tony clarke on facebook i should be able to come down if its true!!
mad john 2 price gigs in a row bloody hell!!!

Johnny Alpha said...

hmm not sure that link works go to
click gigs i think
grr technology!!!