Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out of our facebook!

The green shoots of recovery are... well, shooting. Well I think they are - I've finished my antibiotics and I feel much better but still not 100% as they say; still got a bad headache across the top of my eyes (if you see what I mean) and feel pretty tired but I'm in a much better position than I was last week. I even went out for a shandy with East on Sunday night (and it really was a shandy! I liked it so much that I had two!) and was amazed to see just what a terrible state people get themselves into by closing time - are people really that drunk by the end of the evening? Yes they are, and yes (gulp!) I usually am...

In the meantime The Chicago Blues Brothers roadshow rolled into Buckinghamshire Golf Club on Saturday on Saturday night. Steve's depping for Marc on drums, Pete's in Jake's shoes and, with everybody else either gigging elsewhere or not too well Mike has come all the way down from Blackpool to play Elwood. Big Tel and Dave are P.A.-ing and D.J.-ing (and doing a fine job on both) and the show was enlivened by fish and chips all round (just chips for me thanks) and my mate Cliff holding court as only he can. The show was pretty good too, with an excellently mad performance from Mike which included some fine harmonica playing, some splendid dancing and a change into a very unusual outfit for the Aretha Franklin numbers. I'll spare you the gory details, but I'll let you know if it ever turns up on YouTube!

Talking of YouTube East has started his own T.V. station! Here is the first broadcast, it's 'The Cover Up' from last week's Price rehearsal with many more archive Price bits'n'pieces likely to turn up on E.T.V. (yes!) in the not-to-distant future alongside other gems from the great man's collection. And if that wasn't enough myself and his self set up a Price Facebook page on last night - well, East did all the difficult bits, I just sat there ranting... anyway here are the fruits of our labours so see what you think.

So pleased were we with our efforts that went down the pub and had too much to drink. Yes, I must be feeling better - not too good this morning 'though... headache and tiredness nothing to do with last night, obviously...

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