Thursday, February 25, 2010

'You're a loudmouth baby...'

I have just - just! - returned from working up at 'W.W.R.Y.' with Stuart the guitar repair man (since you asked I changed 7 sets of strings on the B.M.'s while Stu replaced a jack socket in an Ovation electro-acoustic guitar) and, as often happens on a Thursday, there was a little man standing at the top of the steps to Tottenham Court Road Underground station handing out copies of the ever-entertaining 'Shortlist' free magazine as we arrived. Among the various articles and interviews was this one which I thought I'd reproduce here for your perusal.

It's interesting - I suspect that most people find characters like Liam Gallagher very annoying at best and even just plain ignorant at worst, but will also rather grudgingly admit that they're often saying what a lot of us are thinking but don't actually have the nerve to say. (I would say that John Lydon definitely fits into this category, and you could argue that some of the lines of questioning pursued by Jonathan Ross does too.)

So - how many of Liam's comments do you agree with? And - maybe more importantly - how many made you smile? I for one won't hear Florence + The Machine in quite the same way again...

Yes I know the article's small but click on it and it won't be! Excellent!

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