Friday, May 20, 2016

'Psychic Attack' by Ruts D.C. is released today!

"Great. The Ruts are back in black - with hats. Love the tunnels… great acting, great sound, true to what so many of my old muckers are feeling these days… longtime fan Pete Townshend."

Yes, Pete Townshend. That Pete Townshend. You know, the one out of The Who. That Pete Townshend. 

What's he talking about? I'm glad you've asked… he's talking about the promotional video for the new Ruts D.C. single 'Psychic Attack'. No, really, he is. Even I couldn't make that up, and I can make some pretty weird things up. But I didn't make it up, not least because I didn't have to. The video was premiered Monday night on the Vive Le Rock and Rebellion Festival websites and you can watch it here if you like - Graham Trott did a fantastic job didn't he? 

And today the single is released on the band's own Sosumi Records in association with Westworld Recordings - I could be prouder, but not much, and I don't give myself much credit for what I do. Louder Than War have given it a great review (thanks Ged!) and tonight I'm off to see The Damned play their 40th anniversary show at The Albert Hall, which seems oddly appropriate given their connection with The Ruts over the years. What better way to celebrate? It should be quite a night, and if you're going then I'll see you there. Excellent!

Monday, May 09, 2016

'Time and the devil is gonna bring me everything I need...'

Well it seems like ages since my last blog posting - probably because it is ages since my last blog posting. It turned out that it was a long two weeks, not one… it's been a busy, one might even say intense time since last we spoke - here, in no particular order, is what's been happening...

- Work has continued on the Ruts D.C. album 'Music Must Destroy'. 
Myself and Segs recorded some guitars at Jamm in Brixton and even though I say so myself, we made a pretty good job of it. There's still a way to go, but we'll get there in the end.

- I saw The Blockheads in Chelsea
I'd not been to Under The Bridge before - what an extraordinary venue. And what an extraordinary band The Blockheads were, are, and will continue to be. A great gig.

- Ruts D.C. rehearsed for and played at the 'Scotland Calling' festival.
A couple of short sessions at The Music Complex in Deptford set us up for a barnstorming 40 minute set at The ABC in Glasgow, which in turn set your humble narrator up for a barnstorming evening that saw much drinking, merriment and a fair bit of time spent in The Ramonas's' dressing room (no, I'm not quite sure how that happened either!) among the other many and varied highlights. Excellent!

- I worked many-a day at Balcony Shirts
It's a busy time in the shop so I've been helping out whenever I can.

- We made a promotional video for the new Ruts D.C. single 'Psychic Attack'. 
Filmed by Graham Trott and featuring noted actor Peter O'Connor, I've seen a rough cut and it looks bloody great. The single and indeed the video is out at the end of next week. Exciting stuff!

- Big Al Reed and The Blistering Buicks played at The Queen's Arms in Colnbrook.
It was Al's birthday, which went some way towards explaining the lightness of the mood - right up until the moment that someone shouted 'IT"S ALL KICKING OFF OUTSIDE' and virtually the whole pub ran to the windows or indeed went outside, presumably in the hope of witnessing said 'kicking off'. I always think that people who do things like that have never been unfortunate enough to have been caught in a violent incident, as anyone who has generally moves quickly in the other direction… incidentally it didn't all kick off outside, or indeed anywhere else for that matter. Good.

- I guested with Department S at The Fleece in Bristol supporting The U.K. Subs
I joined Dept. S for their last three songs and they sounded great with or without me; The Subs were of course as mighty as ever, and first band on Knock Off were pretty good too.

- Probably some other things as well.
It's hard to remember sometimes...

Obviously there's a lot to more to say about all of the above but, rather like the tale of The Giant Rat Of Sumatra, that's a story for which the world is not yet prepared. Or that I haven't got time to write up. Or something. 

More this week. Or next week. Or something.