Thursday, October 19, 2006

Real life

It's Thursday, 3.45pm-ish and I'm nearing the end of 4 'normal' days i.e. working in the shop as opposed to running up and down the motorway looking for an audience. Somewhere in the course of those 4 days a Squier Telecaster electric guitar has 'gone missing'- in other words it's been stolen. I'm not exactly sure when; I was showing a guitar to someone this morning and noticed it wasn't where it should have been. And I'm not exactly sure how, although it was near the door and so I suppose it was among the easiest to take- I would only have needed to be distracted for a few seconds. I spoke to Karn (the manager of the shop) and he was great about it- 'don't blame yourself, it could have gone at any time' etc. But I do blame myself. In fact sitting here now I feel terrible about it, as guilty as if I'd taken it myself. And there's some prat of a kid trying out the electronic drumkit who will never know how much, just at this moment in time, I hate him. I wish he'd shut up. Or that I had a gun. Or both. Thank God for U2 on the DVD player; at least I can try to listen to that.

Tomorrow night we're gigging in Bath, Saturday in Billericay. Back to the motorway.

I can't wait.

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