Monday, February 26, 2007

And so another week begins...

...with a visit to the dentist, this time to have a filling replaced. Well, as she said, now we've got rid of the bad ones we've got to look after what you've got left (or words to that effect), which makes sense I guess. I'll spare you the usual ranting and raving- suffice to say the only bright moment occured when she said 'I'm just going to push down on you now' which I couldn't help thinking would have been rather a nice thing to have heard her say under different circumstances (sorry Shirl!) but in this case most definately wasn't. And she's got a convertable Mercedes with a personalised number plate. I've gone right off her now.

Made it to the shop to find Colin waiting outside. His amplifier's gone wrong and he's left it to be repaired. He's only got one leg. Stop moaning Leigh.

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