Sunday, April 08, 2007

Luton (and on and on)

Having more-or-less recovered from the 100 Club gig by spending most of Good Friday asleep (it had been a really long day!) it was time for a 'short Saturday' in the shop before another gig depping with The Pistols, this time at the George II in Luton. I was hoping brother Terry would be coming up for this one, not least because the last few months has seen us re-discovering our mis-spent punky youth together but family commitments prevented him from attending which was a shame as it turned out to be a really good gig with yet another drummer- Jim depping for Toby who's got the 'flu (it's all getting a bit 'Spinal Tap' don't you think?) and doing a splendid job- and much pogoing and merriment all round. I even got told to turn the guitar up which doesn't happen too often.

All this looked unlikely at around 8 o'clock as we passed the venue in the middle distance for the umpteenth time whilst cursing the Luton town centre one way system. Who designs these things? If ever proof was needed that hippies were all useless it's somewhere in the fact that they're all now 50-something and running the country. Think about it- buckets of L.S.D. and endless hours spent listening to Soft Machine aren't necessarily the best ways to train to be a town planner, which, developing the argument a bit, goes at least some of the way towards explaining why we end up with buildings with names like 'The Gerkin'. And if the new Wembley Stadium isn't the product of an acid flashback then what is it? Answer me that then eh?!? Hippies again. Even The Beatles went wrong- look at the difference between the 'Paperback Writer' and 'All you need is Love' promotional films; one minute they're the coolest men ever, the next minute Ringo looks crap in an afghan coat. I rest my case.

Oh God. I'm starting to sound like my Dad. I'm stopping now.

I've stopped. Happy Easter.

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