Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can see clearly now

I went to the opticians earlier today. (Well, obviously I went earlier today as I couldn't be telling you this story if I was going later today could I?!? Anyway...) I'd just filled my form in and was stumbling around looking at perspective new frames (more about them in a minute) when a well-dressed young man came over to me to tell me that it was time for my eye test and could I please come with him. Yes, of course I can. He led the way through to the examination room and ushered me in. I was just about to ask him how his work experience was going when I realised that he was preparing to give me my eye examination.

He's the optician! But he's a little boy! Help!

It turns out that my new friend Krish finished at university in 2003 (I didn't like to ask him what he studied in case it wasn't anything to do with optics) which means that he's been an optician for over 5 years. But he's a little boy! It's bad enough that my dentist looks like a Bollywood goddess without a little wee fella knowing what the inside of my eye looks like! Argh!

Mind you none of this is anywhere near as disturbing as the price of new glasses these days. It might well be '2 for the price of 1' but it's still several hundred pounds to get anything that's even vaguely attractive looking. And that's another thing- how come you can't get round glasses anymore? All the frames look like someone's sat on them! And who said that it would be a good idea to make them without the bits that hold the lens in? Have I missed something here? It's enough to make me think about getting contact lenses- except that it's not; I've never fancied putting something into my eye and anyway, I WEAR GLASSES!!! Or I would if I could get some that suited me for under a grand!

Sorry about the ranting- I'll be really glad when we're gigging again and I can get back to writing about that! I bet you will be too!!

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