Monday, October 26, 2009

Had me a real good time

I saw The Faces last night!

Well, to be precise I saw 3 of them- Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan and Ronnie Wood- who with Bill Wyman on bass played 3 songs at The Royal Albert Hall at the climax of an evening in aid of The Performing Rights Society For Music Members Benevolent Fund. With their former lead vocalist unavailable Paul Carrick sang 'Cindy Incidentally', Andy Fairweather Low sang 'Ooh La La' and Mick Hucknall sang 'Stay With Me'. For a fan like myself it was a great thing to see as in their original incarnation they'd broken up long before I started venturing out to see bands, and it had been a pretty good night all round- fine performances from artists as diverse as jazz guitar hero Martin Taylor and former Spice Girl Melanie C. and with a hilarious performance by Rick Wakeman ('Eleanor Rigby' in the style of Sergei Prokofiev!) being a rather unlikely, not to mention surreal, highlight. But in the end it was all about The Faces and their gloriously ramshackle rock'n'roll riot- they're one of my favourite bands ever, and it was fabulous to finally see something approaching a reunion. Excellent!

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