Friday, January 12, 2007

A partial success

Remember when 'they' bought in 24 hour drinking? All those people on telly saying that it would be the death of civilisation as we know it, that there'd be drunk people cluttering up the place even more than before, that there'd be fights on every street corner (well, the ones that weren't cluttered up with drunk people anyway)- they clearly haven't been to The Queen's Head in Uxbridge on a Thursday evening. The barstaff were polishing the floor around us by 20 past 10, the 3 other people still in there were being very obviously ignored as they rather over-optimistically tried to order another drink during opening hours and East was heard to remark 'The Queen's Head'? More like The Queen's Dead, a Morrissey tribute pub.'

If Uxbridge was 'happening' then it wasn't 'happening' where we were.

Incidentally am I the only person hoping that Morrissey represents the U.K. in the Eurovision Song Contest? I thought Lordi winning last year was hilarious enough, but the idea of Mozzer crooning 'You Have Killed Me' or equivalent amidst the other 'classics' is, I hope you'll agree, rather excellent.

All of this rambling on about nothing in particular only serves to underline the fact that our next gig isn't until the 27th of this month; mind you it is at the N.I.A. in Birmingham. I've only been there once, to see the The Who a couple of years ago. I hope we're playing in the same part of it that they did.

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