Friday, January 26, 2007

That was the week that was

Another gig-less week. It's strange- if I'm not playing then it's sometimes hard to remember what I have done. Weird...

We went to Jacob/Iggy's Christening as planned and a very enjoyable day it was too- which, my friends, means that I am officially old. That said, Michael did tell me that when he was asked by the vicar what his son's name was to be he was almost tempted to say Iggy- a case of 'little things for little minds' in my case methinks, but amusing all the same.

I finished the tooth infection anti-biotics on Sunday. I should have finished them on Monday but I didn't read the instructions properly and took two at once for the first four doses instead of one. Oops. They seem to have done the trick- although just as I typed that potentially over-optimistic statement I felt a little twinge. It's great being neurotic. Wednesday evening I made the mistake of saying to Shirley that I was feeling better- next morning I just made it to the bathroom before being violently sick.

I'm beginning to take this personally.

Maybe it was something I ate, maybe it was a bug of some sort- either way I spent Thursday in the shop shivering and feeling very sorry for myself. I hope no one caught anything off me.

Talking of the shop, I've managed to go an entire week without nearly buying something. Very heroic eh? Mind you, if another one of those Baja Telecaster's comes in... and I was talking to Nick the Stentor rep today about Vox Valvetronix combos which he reckoned would suit me. Well- if I don't spend it, the taxman will!

Tomorrow night we're playing in Birmingham; I originally thought it was the N.I.A. but on the phone this morning Pete said the I.C.A- or was it the I.C.C? It was three initials anyway. One of the worst things about yesterday's vomit-fest was thinking that I might not be ok for the gig. I'm really looking forward to playing- it seems like ages since the last show but it's actually only about four weeks. Gary's left the band so tomorrow sees the return of Ian Gibbons (Gary replaced him last summer). It'll be good to see him again.

A couple of days ago I read back through most of these postings- I was thinking of doing a somewhat belated 'revue of 2006' with favourite gig, album, event etc.- I decided not to when I realised that most if not all of them involved The Who and that it would probably make me sound like a stalker. That said, one thing I did notice was how often I make reference to the fact that I fancy playing something a bit more 'rock' than the Blues Brothers stuff, (I really enjoy playing it but I'm too much of an old punk to leave the noise behind totally!). With this in mind it's tribute band time- I've been offered a few gigs with The Pistols ( -can you guess who they're a tribute to?!?) over the next few months. I hope I can do them- it could be just what's needed at the moment.

Off to see local pub rockers The Cane Toads tonight in Northwood- it should be a good night...

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