Monday, March 05, 2007

Four 4 Wiz

Monday morning and I'm back in the real world. Like I ever really leave it...

Last night at the Islington Academy it was 'Four 4 Wiz', a night in memory of the recently departed Mega City Four frontman. And what a night- songs I never thought I'd hear performed again ('Kill Your Television', 'A Prince in a Pauper's Grave', 'Hold it Down' etc) played by people who may well have never thought they'd ever play them again, in front of a sold out crowd that probably couldn't quite believe that it was all happening. A few memories-

Mark Keds asking for silence- and getting it- as he lit a candle which he placed on top of his amplifier before 'Too Much Kissing.'

Jim Bob saying that Carter U.S.M. had better hurry up and reform 'while we can still do the ''40 Something'' t-shirts.'

Ned's Atomic Dustbin sounding a hell of a lot better than I remember them, and Midway Still sounding even better than that.

Steve Lamacq struggling to be heard over a chant of 'you fat bastard' when introducing Carter U.S.M.

'Snakebite City' supremo Paul Talling telling me that I 'hadn't changed a bit' since The Price days. Does that mean I was always half-bald with a double chin?!?

My mate Kate telling me that she was at a gig we did with the MC4 in Birmingham, showing me a photo of them to prove it- and then saying that she doesn't remember us at all.

The Mega's 'surprise' appearance, with Danny singing 'Cradle' bringing at least one tear to my eye.

There's many more but you get the idea. They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone- it time to make the most of what we have got then. Don't sit on your ass while your world just falls to pieces. Cheers Wiz.

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